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My research lies at the intersection of Classics and Linguistics. My past and current research spans four research strands in the study of the Greek, Latin and Indo-European languages.

Linguistic typology. In particular, I have tried to show how typologically well-known morphosyntactic patterns of modality and tense & aspect are (or are not) reflected in the diachronic data of Greek and Latin. To this end, I have  investigated moods and modal verbs (e.g. 2019, 2020, 2022, forthc), insubordination (e.g. 2021, 2022, forthc, in prep), counterfactuality (e.g. 2022, 2022, forthc, in prep), and habituality (e.g. 2020, 2022, in prep).

Historical linguistics. I have been involved in grammaticalization research on the Greek language, its potential improvement with collocationist analyses (e.g. 2020 on using collocations to identify the grammaticalization of habitual auxiliaries), typology (e.g. 2022 on diachronic pathways into past habituality) and its intersection with related historical processes such as intersubjectification (e.g. 2022 on the intersubjectification and grammaticalization of ‘imperative’ particles).

Pragmatics. There are many more pragmatic patterns in Ancient Greek and Latin which will be familiar to us from modern languages. Thus far, I have tried to explain the pragmatics of conditional and counterfactual reasoning patterns (e.g. 2022), the pragmatics of non-standard wishes (e.g. 2020; 2023) in Ancient Greek or insubordinate patterns in Latin (e.g. 2022). At the same time, I have tried to show the utility of pragmatic methodologies such as Conversation Analysis for our understanding of ancient dialogical and non-dialogical texts (e.g. 2022, forthc).

Ancient scholarship and ancient languages. We possess many sources about ancient sources and their language from antiquity, some of which can provide useful perspectives on ancient language variation and change. To illustrate, I have recently collected the metalinguistic evaluations of morphosyntactic changes in Post-Classical Greek from the Atticist lexica (2022). 

Edited Volumes

  • In progress. K. Bentein, E. Cattafi and E. la Roi (eds.). (In)subordination in Postclassical Greek:Syntax, Context and Complexity. De Gruyter.
  • 2020 (ed.). Lingua graeca als lingua franca! De griekse taal door de eeuwen heen. Tetradio.[Lingua Graeca as Lingua Franca! The Greek language through the Centuries.Classics journal for public outreach, specifically aimed at disseminating the latest research into Antiquity to a wider public]

Papers in peer-reviewed Journals

Book Chapters

  • in prep. Correlating Syntactic Change and Register in the Diachrony of Post-Classical Insubordinate wishes. (In)subordination in Post-classical Greek: Syntax, Context and Complexity. K. Bentein, E. Cattafi, E. la Roi (eds.). De Gruyter.
  • in prep. The histories of the optative in the papyri and Post-Classical Greek literary texts. In K. Bentein & M. Vierros (eds.), New light from the East: Linguistic Perspectives on Non-Literary Papyri and Related Sources. Helsinki University Press.
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  • 2018. Shifting Responsibilities. Thucydides on Losing to Brasidas. Conflicts in Antiquity: Textual and Material Perspectives, D. van Diemen, D. van Dokkum, A. van Leuken, A. Nijenhuis, and F. A. van der Sande (eds.), 41–61. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press. 

Encyclopedia Entries

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