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  • 2020 (ed.). Lingua graeca als lingua franca! De griekse taal door de eeuwen heen. Tetradio.[Lingua Graeca as Lingua Franca! The Greek language through the Centuries.Classics journal for public outreach, specifically aimed at disseminating the latest research into Antiquity to a wider public]

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  • in prep. Correlating Syntactic Change and Register in the Diachrony of Post-Classical Insubordinate wishes. (In)subordination in Post-classical Greek: Syntax, Context and Complexity. K. Bentein, E. Cattafi, E. la Roi (eds.). De Gruyter.
  • in prep. The histories of the optative in the papyri and Post-Classical Greek literary texts. In K. Bentein & M. Vierros (eds.), New light from the East: Linguistic Perspectives on Non-Literary Papyri and Related Sources. Helsinki University Press.
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Encyclopedia Entries

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